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Home Cozy Catz is a small family run cattery that is located in Berwickshire.

Our newly built cattery is designed to F.A.B. standards, has spacious modern chalets, cosy and warm for your cat to curl up in- all with Sun Shelters and 6 ft covered outdoor runs.

It is run by Mrs Shirley Thompson, who has many years experience in caring for pets. We are Fully Licensed and BDC Inspected. We will offer excellent boarding facilities from just 3 nights to extended long stays, with facilities for cats that go out and cats that don't. As a lover of cats, the cattery will be run not only as a business but as a pleasure and we will give love and affection to all the cats who come to stay with us.

We understand it is hard parting with a beloved pet even for just a few days and encourage new clients to come and meet us to discuss your cats requirements.  

Please contact us for additional information.
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